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The Story of Fem FM - March 8th 2022

The Story of Fem FM – the UK’s 1st all female radio station celebrates its 30th anniversary! Check out in the links below where you can hear my interview along with many other women who were part of its history.

I presented a show on the station back in 1992, over 250 women made history in Bristol by setting up the UK’s first women’s radio station, Fem FM. It launched the careers of many. To mark this iconic moment in broadcast history Sound Women South West have collaborated with University of The West of England (UWE) Bristol to pay tribute and celebrate the 30th anniversary of Fem FM. Inspired by UWE history student Libby Sharp who wrote an article about Fem FM, the students from the History & Media departments have worked in collaboration with Sound Women South West and so far, have delivered 2 community workshops teaching young women in radio skills, creating the 3rd generation of Fem FM. Taught by Miranda Rae from Sound Women South West, the 3rd generation of Fem FM will produce & present, alongside Miranda, a 3-part documentary series called The Story of Fem FM.

The Story of Fem FM will feature original archive content from Fem FM including interviews with the founders, Dr Caroline Mitchell & Trish Caverly plus archive content featuring Patti Caldwell & Sarah Dunant. Plus, special guests with just some of the sheroes of radio including myself and Annie Nightingale!

The series will be launched on International Women’s Day, Tues 8th March on 19 radio stations all over the UK.

Annie Nightingale quote: “I was told that Radio 1 couldn’t have female DJ’s because the DJs were regarded as husband substitutes.... I was the first female presenter on Radio 1, in 1970, and the only one for 12 years... I was so terrified of making mistakes that it took me years to relax.”

SUPPORTING STATIONS: Tues 8th March at 10am – Ujima Radio 98FM & DAB in Bristol online:

Tues 8th March at 6pm – Somer Valley FM - Somerset

Tues 8th March at 6pm - Spark FM - Sunderland

Tues 8th March at 1pm - Imperial Voice Radio - Bath

Sun 13th March at 2pm – Maritime Radio – The Trevor Blackman Show – London

Check station websites for exact time of broadcast:

Launching on 8th March 2022.

Resonance FM, ALL FM, Soundart, Radio LaB, Radio Tyneside, North Manchester FM,

Canalside Community Radio, Bradley Stoke Radio,

Radio Veralum, N Live, Source FM, BCB, Unity 101FM, Inspiration FM, Chapel Arts FM, Swindon 105.5.

FEM FM REUNION – TUES 8TH MARCH FROM 7.30PM – If anyone would like to come and join the Fem FM reunion it will be taking place at The Red Church Pub, 190 Church Rd, Bristol, BS5 8AE.

For more information or interview requests please contact: Miranda Rae –

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